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Recipes — bites

Avo Toast

All Recipes / Avo Toast Avo Toast Serves 4 15 mins Today’s avocado toasts have everything but the kitchen sink piled onto that creamy base. But trust us — all you need is Baken. Ingredien...
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Bread & Butter

All Recipes / Bread & Butter Bread & Butter Serves 9 3 hours Fill your home with the aromas of freshly baked bread, and then tear into pillowy softness dotted with meaty bacon bits....
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Chocolate Covered Cookies

All Recipes / Chocolate Covered Cookies Chocolate Covered Cookies Serves 1 to 2 15 mins These no-bake cookies only require a quick dip into melted chocolate before a glorious dunk in milk! ...
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Leche Flan

All Recipes / Leche Flan Leche Flan Serves 8 to 10 1 hr 15 mins The original recipe for this traditional, creme caramel-like Filipino dessert was handed down to Rachel by her mother, and he...
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Croissant With Jam

All Recipes / Croissant With Jam CroissantWith Jam Serves 1 for each croissant 5 mins Purists will argue that a good, buttery croissant should only be enjoyed with coffee and nothing else. ...
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Charcuterie Board

All Recipes / Charcuterie Board Charcuterie Board Serves 4 to 6 15 mins A classic cheese spread levels up with punchy bacon flavours that you can spread, crumble or nibble on. Ingredients...
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Meringue & Jam

All Recipes / Meringue & Jam Meringue & Jam Serves 8 2 hrs 20 mins Airy and dainty meringue combine with delectable bacon jam for a dessert that’s simple but elegant. Ingredients:...
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Brittle Popcorn

All Recipes / Brittle Popcorn Brittle Popcorn Serves 6 15 mins A perfect sweet and savoury movie snack ready in just a minute — time to Netflix and chew! Ingredients: 3 tbsp extra virgin...
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Cookie S’mores

All Recipes / Cookie S'mores Cookie S’mores Serves 4 15 mins You can do so much better than dry graham crackers. Use our bacon cookies as a base for s’mores that are intensely flavourful an...
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