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Avo Toast

All Recipes / Avo Toast

Avo Toast

Serves 4
15 mins

Today’s avocado toasts have everything but the kitchen sink piled onto that creamy base. But trust us — all you need is Baken.


  • Thick sliced brioche bread
  • 1 jar Baken Bacon Jam
  • Ripe avocado, sliced thin
  • 1 pack Baken Real Bacon Crisps


  1. Butter each side of the brioche bread and toast on a skillet.
  2. Once golden, cool and spread a thick layer of Baken Bacon Jam over.
  3. Twirl and twist the avocado slices and place on top.
  4. Top with Baken Real Bacon Crisps Finish with freshly cracked pepper.
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