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Leche Flan

All Recipes / Leche Flan Leche Flan Serves 8 to 10 1 hr 15 mins The original recipe for this traditional, creme caramel-like Filipino dessert was handed down to Rachel by her mother, and he...
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Bacon Sweet Rice

All Recipes / Bacon Sweet Rice Bacon Sweet Rice Serves 2 30 mins Rachel’s favourite bacon dish of all time is the one she created when she was seven years old. Follow her lead and start you...
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PB & B

All Recipes / PB & B PB & B Serves 1 12 mins Inspired by Kelly’s childhood twist on the PB&J, this heavenly trio of peanut butter, banana and bacon will be your new favourite ta...
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Croissant With Jam

All Recipes / Croissant With Jam CroissantWith Jam Serves 1 for each croissant 5 mins Purists will argue that a good, buttery croissant should only be enjoyed with coffee and nothing else. ...
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Charcuterie Board

All Recipes / Charcuterie Board Charcuterie Board Serves 4 to 6 15 mins A classic cheese spread levels up with punchy bacon flavours that you can spread, crumble or nibble on. Ingredients...
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Cookie Milkshake

All Recipes / Cookie Milkshake Cookie Milkshake Serves 2 10 mins A creamy, decadent milkshake that gets a delicious upgrade with blended bacon cookies and melted chocolate. Ingredients: ...
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Bacon Salt

All Recipes / Bacon Salt Bacon Salt Serves 1 small jar 40 mins All you need are two ingredients to make the ultimate bacon seasoning that can be used on absolutely everything. Ingredient...
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Bloody Mary

All Recipes / Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Serves 6 to 8 15 mins With so many fun, zingy flavours to be found in everyone’s favourite savoury cocktail, why stop at plain ol’ celery? Pro tip: rim...
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Meringue & Jam

All Recipes / Meringue & Jam Meringue & Jam Serves 8 2 hrs 20 mins Airy and dainty meringue combine with delectable bacon jam for a dessert that’s simple but elegant. Ingredients:...
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